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List of Expired Domains

We scour the internet to find expired domain names with good metrics that are ready to be registered. Domain names can be registered on your own on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Josephine Tan

Why use an expired domain name?

Expired domain names are an affordable way for you to start off new websites with pre-existing backlinks, giving you an awesome SEO kickstart that saves you both time and money as compared to fresh domains.

Expired Domain

A domain name that have been previously registered, but not renewed, resulting in the domain name becoming available for anyone to register again.

Aged Domain

A domain name that is currently registered, preferably for a good period of time, where a transfer of ownership is needed to pass on the domain to the new owner.

Benefits of Using an Expired or Aged Domain

Here are 3 major benefits of using an expired domain for your brand new website.

Instant Authority

Using an expired domain, your brand new website will not be viewed as such. With backlinks already built to your site over the years, you will find it much easier to achieve better overall SEO performance, such as stronger rankings and quicker indexation of pages.

Be More Competitive

With a good expired domain, you may have the ability to go head to head with other stronger sites for the more competitive search queries. Usually, this can only be achieved after many years of diligent SEO work on a fresh domain name.

Get Out of the Sandbox

Brand new domains take a while (usually a few months) before they can reliably rank or even get their pages indexed on the major search engines. Using an expired domain usually helps you to speed up this process due to your website previously known to have some authority.

Our Premium Services

We provide premium services to make your expired domain name search quicker and easier. We implement a thorough and strict process to find the ideal domain name based on your requirements, so that you don't have to spend days and weeks doing it yourself.

Custom Search

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Buy an Aged Domain

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How to Find Expired Domain Names Myself?

There are premium tools to help you find expired domains such as SpamZilla, DomCop and RegisterCompass. There is also a free tool, Expired Domains, that work fairly well in finding a decent expired domain if you put some time and effort into it. There are some limitations however, such as being able to mostly only find partial match domains (PMDs) and exact match domains (EMDs), while missing out on branded domains, because you are only limited to searching for keywords in the domain names themselves.
Website Maintenance
Website Improvements

How We Find Expired Domain Names?

There is no one single correct method when it comes to find expired domain names, however we mostly employ a system to scour the web and search for broken links as a reliable method to find expired domain names.

Here's how we do it:
Search for and compile broken links on the web
Perform a lookup for the root domain of these links on Whois to check if the domain is registered or available
Check the SEO metrics on these sites and filter out the weak ones
We end up with a list of expired domain names, some of them being powered by strong backlinks from authoritative sites, making them a great expired domain to register.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find out more about our free expired domains list.
Is this list really free?
Yes, it's 100% free. These are domain names that are 'leftovers' from our custom searches.
We start off by handpicking some of these domains and registering them on behalf of customers, or we proceed to age and build content on them ourselves.
We feel that some of the remaining domains are still relatively good, and you may even find some powerful hidden gems. So rather than discarding them, we compiled them into a list right here.
Have these domain names been vetted?
The domain names in the free list have not been vetted. These are domain names that may have good metrics, backlinks and SEO potential, but you will have to do your own due dilligence on them.
What should I look out for when registering an expired domain name?
There is no guarantee that a domain name is perfectly 'healthy' no matter how much research you put into it. 'Unhealthy' domain names could be blacklisted by search engines, ISPs, ESPs and more. Sometimes, you only find out its flaws after registering and owning the domain name.
However, there are ways to do a basic check on the domain so that you can minimize the risk of registering a domain name with a bad reputation.
Do expired domains really work?
Yes. We have tried this time after time and we always see better SEO performance with expired domains as compared to brand new, unused domains.
Sites that we have built on expired domains tend to rank and get indexed quicker, and some of these sites perform very well as network sites.
How do I get first dibs on the latest expired domains?
The domains on our list are available on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore we highly recommend you to sign up for our expired domains newsletter to be notified once we have new releases on our list.

Expired Domains List

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