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WordPress Website Maintenance Services in Singapore

Never deal with the tediousness and headaches of website maintenance again, using our web maintenance packages for WordPress sites.
Ever since the circuit breaker period, I was struggling with getting buyers for the showflat. Now, my website that was created for me has been consistently bringing in qualified leads week after week. Going online is the way forward!

Josephine Tan

Have you been maintaining your website regularly?

It is very important to keep your website up to date to protect against security vulnerabilities. If you have been diligently maintaining your website, you should know and understand the struggle to consistently manage all the necessary technical tasks, which trying to run your business at the same time.


Maintenance +
Content Edits

How Does a Typical Maintenance Routine Look Like?

We have three main components of our website maintenance services.

Offsite Backups

On a daily basis, we will backup your entire WordPress website, and store it offsite for additional prevention measures. Regular backups are extremely important for many reasons. It lets you roll back to the lastest working state in the even something goes wrong such as a corrupted update, or a security breach. We recommend WordPress users to perform backups of their site at least once a week, but we will perform this task for you every single day to minimize content loss as much as possible.

Security Scans

Also on a daily basis, we will perform a thorough security scan of your site to detect any abnormalities, malware or possible vulnerabilities so that you will be always updated on the security status of your website. For minor breaches, we will be able to remove the identified malware on the spot.

Server & Software Updates

Lastly, we perform core, plugin and theme updates whenever a new update is released, and we feel like the update will not cause any serious stability issues. This could be on the day itself, or we could hold it back for weeks or more. Security updates will be handled with extra care. With our daily backups in place, we are able to minimize content loss whenever an update goes wrong.

Website Maintenance Cost

We provide complete website maintenance packages to fully cover your web maintenance needs. On top of website maintenance, we also provide content updating services at an additional fee, so that you will never need to meddle around with the backend of your website again. No matter your requirements, you should be able to find a maintenance package to fit your needs.

Essential Plan

S$95 monthly
Daily WordPress Updates
Daily Backups
90 Days Offsite Backup Storage
Daily Site Security Scan

Essential Maintenance + Unlimited Content Edits

S$260 monthly
Everything in Essential Plan
Unlimited Content Edits
Unlimited Revisions
T&Cs Apply
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Why is WordPress Website Maintenance Important?

Do you know that if you have not been maintaining your website, it could be vulnerable to security beaches? WordPress website maintenance is a very crucial aspect to running a healthy and optimized website, that runs fast and has strong defenses against security attacks. We believe all WordPress website need to have proper maintenance and care regardless if you are on a paid maintenance package or not.

28 serious plugins vulnerabilities have been documented by WordFence in just the first 6 months of 2021 alone, which includes popular plugins such as Simple 301 Redirects (installed on over 300,000 sites), WP Statistics (installed on over 600,000 sites) and even the number one page builder plugin Elementor (affecting over 7 million sites!). In fact, if you have not performed any updates on your WordPress site since the start of 2021, you should be seriously concerned about try to locate and patch any loopholes as soon as possible.
Website Maintenance
Website Improvements

Why Leave Website Maintenance to Us?

As a business owner, website maintenance takes away anything from minutes to days of your time each month, depending on the level of maintenance required.

Why not save yourself all these hours and possibly days and delegate these tasks to a professional that will handle maintenance for you and give you a peace of mind? With a maintenance plan, you will be able to keep your website maintained on a regular basis.

We make sure to:
perform regular updates to your website
perform consistent backups in case anything goes wrong (incompatibility issues, hacks, etc)
run security scans so that your website stays safe
For an in-depth explanation, read this post on Why Responsive Web Design is Important.

More Details

Find out more about our hosting, content edits and ad-hoc services.
Content Edits
Generally, we use third-party providers who specialize in this area. They take care of all aspects related to server management, including server software installation, patching, monitoring etc. We charge a basic setup fee per website.
Responsive Web Design Singapore
Too busy to update content on your website? Our content edit plan frees up your time so that you can focus on your business. We provide content edits in 30-minutes blocks, unlimited times per month. There are also no limited to revisions.
Responsive Web Design Singapore
The following services are also available on an ad-hoc basis: web server troubleshooting, WordPress troubleshooting, content edits and basic website maintenance. We charge based on the time and expertise required to perform the task.
Responsive Web Design Singapore

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