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Web Development Service Terms

By using our service, you agree to the (1) Statement of Work Terms and (2) Terms for Engaging Our Service.

Service Provider’s Details

Business Name: DOWNROW

UEN: 53338722A

Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore

Postal Code: 573969

Part 1: Statement of Work Terms (“SOW” Terms)

(a) Summary

The Statement of Work ("SOW") is a formal document that defines the scope of work, objectives, deliverables and schedule for the services or project to be performed.

The SOW document is unique to each customer and is sent to you as a separate document.

(b) Project Scope

The SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • Website Design and Development: The wireframe presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the website. There will be a period of revisions and development will start once the Client has approved the design. Once development has started, only minor changes can be made without affecting the scope of the project.
  • Host and Domain Setup: If hosting is required, the Service Provider will source and set up hosting for the requested domain. Maintenance of the account will fall to the Client at the conclusion of the project.
  • WordPress Installation and Setup: The Service Provider will install and set up the CMS on the domain mentioned above so that the Client is able to maintain the site.
  • Theme & Plugins Setup: The Service Provider will install their preferred third-party theme and plugins to assist with their web design and development for the website. The Client will be responsible for keeping the theme and plugins maintained.
  • Content Entry: The Service Provider will enter the initial content that the Client provides. This will include text and pictures for each page to be created with the initial setup.
  • Browser Testing: The Service Provider will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers and make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Development of Web Pages: The SOW will clearly indicate the pages that are to be developed on the website.
  • Implementation of Features: The SOW will clearly indicate the technological features that are to be developed on the website.

(c) Deliverables

  • Account and login information.
  • Website deployed on requested domain.
  • A backup copy of the files associated with the site.
  • A reference document outlining how to make updates to the site along with a link to online resources.

(d) Estimated Schedule

After the Client pays the initial payment, finalizes on the design and provides all visual and textual content, the first draft of the website will be ready within the stipulated calendar days on the SOW.

(e) Price

The total price agreed upon for the project will be clearly indicated on the SOW.

(f) Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions:

  • The Client has provided the Service Provider with the complete list of his, her or their requirements for the website.

(g) Revisions

  • Minor revisions can be done on textual and visual content
  • Revisions are on a stage by stage basis
  • Major revisions that require changes related to a previous stage or to a confirmed layout will be considered additional work, and may be subjected to additional billing

(h) Exclusions

The project will follow the timeline outlined in written correspondence and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Acceptance of Statement of Work

By making the initial payment, the Client verifies that the terms of the SOW is acceptable.

Part 2: Terms for Engaging Our Service


1. The Client is hiring the Service Provider to design and develop a website for indicated price in the Statement of Work. The Client acknowledges that the price is based on an assessment of the information that was provided to the Service Provider on the date of the agreement. The Client further acknowledges that if the Service Provider determines additional work not documented in the Statement of Work is needed, the price will be impacted. The Client will however have the opportunity to review and approve these changes prior to the Service Provider moving forward.

2. Payment

All payments are due upon the invoice due date. Should a payment be late, the Service Provider reserves the right to freeze all work until accounts are settled. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer (including PayNow) or PayPal, with details provided by the Service Provider.

Projects are handled with a 50% upfront (also known as initial payment), 50% at completion (before website handover) policy.

3. Timeline and Deliverables

The Service Provider will strive to provide professional and personal service throughout the development process and will work diligently to complete the project by the proposed deadline as indicated in the Statement of Work. The Service Provider retains the right to delay starting on the project (which may affect the deadline) until all needed content, approvals and information is provided by the Client.

4. Limited Liability

The Client alone shall be responsible for: (a) the accuracy and adequacy of information and data furnished for processing; (b) any use made by the Client of the output of the software or any reliance thereon; (c) obtaining the required licenses and respective copyrights for any and all third party assets including but not limited to fonts, media, and software; and (d) ensuring up-to-date compliance with privacy and data protection measures as required by law in all countries and jurisdictions (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, etc). The Client shall also be responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of the computer equipment and third party software used with the site and shall comply with all operational, environmental and maintenance recommendations and requirements of the applicable licensors, vendors and manufacturers. The Service Provider will accept no liability for the Client’s sales, revenues and or the success of the business directly, indirectly or consequentially.

5. Error Review

The Service Provider provides a 7 day window from the date of website migration to the Client’s hosting for error review. This does not include new website revisions, but errors that may have occurred during migration. It is the Client’s responsibility to review his, her or their website during this time and point out any errors to be corrected. Errors that require correction after the 7 days will be billed as a new service accordingly.

6. Website Handover

Once the project deliverables have been approved, the Client will be required to make full payment of the project’s remaining balance before the website will be migrated to the Client’s hosting. From the time the website is completed and ready for launch, the Client has a maximum of 30 days to provide the hosting and domain information. If that information is not provided within the timeframe, there will be a possibility that the website will be removed from The Service Provider’s server without notice. Extensions can be provided upon written request.

7.  Hosting

The Service Provider may provide recommendations for website hosting to ensure a smooth migration experience. If the Client already has a hosting plan in place, the server has to be managed by the hosting and have a web hosting application installed, such as cPanel. The Service Provider will require the hosting login information and or cPanel access associated with the hosting account. The Client is also responsible for the management and maintenance of his, her or their hosting at all times. All hosting support issues should be directed to the Client’s hosting service.

8. Domain

The Service Provider may provide recommendations for domain registration. If the Client already has a domain name, the Service Provider will require the login information of the registrar associated with the domain account. All domain support issues should be directed to the Client’s domain registrar.

9. Software, Plugin & Theme Licenses

The Client is responsible to purchase, maintain and renew all licenses for any software, plugins and themes that are installed or used on the website, or in conjunction with the website. The price for this project does not include any software, plugin or theme licenses, unless explicitly stated in the Statement of Work. The Service Provider may utilize their own software, plugin or theme licenses on the website, or in conjunction with the website, for the purpose of website development and testing only. The usage rights and ownership of any licenses owned by the Service Provider will not be transferred to the Client, regardless if it is still being activated on the website at any point of time.

10. Software Functionality

Websites built for the client are based on softwares developed by third parties, and as such, the Service Provider cannot guarantee the continuance or functionality of the software after it is delivered to the client. The Service Provider will also not provide technical support on behalf of the software developers.

11. Browser Functionality

Websites built by the Service Provider are designed and tested for functionality on current Safari, Firefox and Chrome internet browsers. The Service Provider does not guarantee that the Client’s website will look exactly the same on every screen, and may appear differently due to varying screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios.

12. Point of Contact

The Service Provider will require one point of contact from the Client for the clarification of requirements for design, key features, usability and maintenance issues. The Service Provider requires this person to be available to answer questions arising from the project within the next business day, and to be able to have the authority to make design and project related decisions.

13. Project Management

The Service Provider may use a project management software to effectively manage communication and organization throughout the duration of the project. Though all communication for the project is recommended to stay within the project management software, email or other forms of text messaging can still be used. Once the Client’s project is underway, the Service Provider may send a guide on setting up an account with the project management software.

14. Content Format

The Client must ensure that the textual content submitted to the Service Provider has been formatted as to how it should be displayed (e.g. usage of titles, headings and paragraphs, etc) and is in an editable format, such as a text document file or similar. Other forms of submitted content and media such as visuals, images and videos need to be in a finished format suitable for the web.

15. File Sharing

The Service Provider uses online file sharing platforms to effectively share and transfer large sizes or quantities of images and computer files.

16. Project Drag Ons

In the event where the Client has not responded with the necessary feedback or content needed to complete the project after 9 months of the initial project start date (even if paid in full), the Service Provider reserves the right to either increase the project total cost (to align with updated rates), or to cease all work with the Client and project completely. There will be a possibility that the website will be removed from The Service Provider’s server without notice.

17. Allowances

The Client is responsible for the cost of any outside paid assets. This includes, but is not limited to hosting, domains, SSL certificates, premium content delivery networks, third party plugins, third party themes, stock images, premium fonts, and premium website building platforms. In addition, the Service Provider will not be held liable for the functionality or security of third party plugins, themes or softwares.

18. Payment Schedule

This agreement is non-transferable and non-refundable. The initial upfront payment does not constitute a credit, and therefore cannot be used towards other services. The Client is accountable for the full balance of the agreement whether he, she or they decide(s) to complete the website or not.

19. Website Security

Although the Service Provider makes every effort to provide the most secure website, there is no guarantee that the website will not be subjected to security breaches.

20. Credit & Testimonial

The Service Provider retains the rights to use clients within its roster of clients. A link to the client website may be placed on any websites owned by the Service Provider as part of its business portfolio, and all client emails may be added to The Service Provider’s newsletter. If a testimonial is given, the Service Provider retains the right to use that testimonial and headshot on any websites owned by the Service Provider, as well as publishing to printed media, newsletters, social media and advertising campaigns.