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Cloudflare Error 1034 - Edge IP Restricted

Marcus Wong
By Marcus Wong
/ January 20, 2022
/ Last updated on January 22, 2022
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As of 20 January 2022, sites that have their DNS A records pointing to on Cloudflare will lead to a page that look something like this:

Cloudflare Error 1034 Screenshot

This error will appear even if you have a redirection rule in place.

Error 1034 - Edge IP Restriction Cause and Solution

The Cloudflare team has responded to this issue, and stated that the hostnames landing on an IP address will be validated to ensure they are linked to the same account in their systems, to prevent misconfiguration and potential abuse.

If you have been using as a placeholder, you will have to change it to the reserved addresses (IPv4) or 100:: (IPv6).

Cloudflare Error 1034 Solution
Marcus Wong
Article written by Marcus Wong
January 20, 2022